Aluminium Flexible Hose 150MM / 175MM DUCTING HOSE

Option:: 6 INCH
Sale priceRM38.00


Rigid Aluminum Flexible Air Duct Outlet Exhaust Hose.size 6''/7'' Diameter X 3METER , 5METER , 10METER

Aluminum foil duct,air ventilation hose is designed for air-cooling and can be used in different forms of heating and ventilation applications.

Is ideal when all aluminum duct is required by code in some gas and electric dryer applications. It can also be used for bathroom fan venting.This product is made with strong aluminum foil laminate to resist puncture and tears.

One continuous and corrosion resistant helix wire is placed in the duct wall for structural support.

The perfect cooling channel for your air-cooled reflectors with hydroponics set up

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