Midea Stainless Steel Built-in Gas Hob with 5.8kW Burners MGH-8216SS MGH8216SS

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• Preset gas type : LPG

• Burners : 2 x 5.8kw

• 72cm Gas Hob

• 1.5v battery ignition

• Flame failure safety device

 Stainless steel body

 Strong yet durable

• Product dimension (mm) : 720 (W) x 420 (D)

• Cut out dimension (mm) : 645 (W) x 340 (D)


Premium Brass Burner Ignite Your Cooking Passion For Long Fine burners with surprisingly durable quality, keeping company with you to always bring you food inspiration in your culinary journey.


Dual Flame Enables Even & Quick Cooking

Cyclone Flame matches with the inner straight flame to wrap the base of pans, releasing 5.8kW heating power, perfect for boiling, searing, and frying.


Fully Mix Gas & O2, Burn To The Limit Of Energy Using

The Bi-Hybrid Combustion System activates the gas twice to fully mix with the O2, releasing stronger fire with 65% energy efficiency, which makes your meal ready in lessen time and energy.


Various Flame Settings To Customize Your Delicacies

Our hobs serve you for cooking, stir-frying, steaming, braising, and gradual simmering… Precise fire control satisfies your different heating needs and avoid unnecessary gas waste.


Flexible Installation, Harmoniously Fit In Your Kitchen

Built-in or Free-standing, Decided by you.


Instantly Ignite The Hob Via Knob, As Well As Your Cooking Inspiration

Just push and turn the knobs, the flame can be triggered instantly, so as your culinary inspiration.


Temp-Sensing Flame Failure Protection, Guard Your Safety Consciously

The fire went out all of a sudden? A flame failure device will cut off the gas flow to guard your safety. Protection against flame failure.


Humanized Design, Care For Every Detail In Cooking

From the moment you touch Midea hobs, our thoughtful innovative design has been perfecting your culinary journey.


1 Years General Warranty by Midea Scott & English

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