Pensonic 4 Steps Filtration System PMP-15R3 PMP15R3 Replacement part for PMP-15

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Product description:
• Original Genuine from Pensonic
•The cartridge filter composed of natural material such as activated carbon,zeolite, silica sand and mineral sand.
ACTIVATED CARBON : Removed chlorine, THMs, organic chemical and unpeasent odor and colour.
SILICA SAND : Removed acidic compenent from the waterand thereby brings about a pH balance.
ZEOLITE : Removed heavy metal such as lead, mercury, gold and silver.Heavy metal can accumulate in
bodies, high level of heavy metals lead to a wide range of terminal illnesses.
MINERAL SAND : Released minerals and adjusts pH of water mild alkaline which helps to restore the pH balance of body fluids.
• Step 1 : Activated Carbons Removes Chlorine. THMs Organic Chemicals and Unpleasant Odours and Colours
• Step 2 : Silicia Sand Removes Acidic Components from the Water
• Step 3 : Zeolite Removes Heavy Metals
• Step 4 : Mineral Sand Release Minerals and Adjust pH of Water to Mild Alkaline

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