Pensonic water filter cartridge carbon block for PP-123 PP-123R1 PP123R1

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East Malaysia - more than 1 unit and different item please order separately (security purposes)

• 5.0 micro filtration for reduction of cryptosporidium and giardia cysts
• Class 1 chlorine, odor reduction
• No release of carbon fines
• reduction of certain organic chemical (VOCs)
• Highly effective chlorine reduction through 20.000 gallons
• Excellent drinking water of poloshing filter

Carbon block cleaning instruction

How to clean
Use only water. Flush with dean water and rub gently. No soup, detergent and brush be used

When to clean
Recommended every 3 months or once the flow of water through the filter becomes noticeably of less than normal. Frequency of cleaning is governed by the amount and type of suspend impurities in your water supply.

When to replace
Recommended every 6 month or once cleaning fails to restore and adequate flow of water through the filter.

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