Philips Air Purifier 600i Series AC0650/10

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Removes pollutants in under 17 mins(3)

Our air purifier delivers clean air to every corner of the room at a CADR of 170 m3/h, thoroughly purifying rooms up to 44 m2. Say goodbye to pollutants like PM2.5, bacteria, pollen, dust, pet dander and more in under 17 minutes (3).


Filters 99.97% particles as small as 0.003 microns (1)

Our 2-layer filtration system featuring NanoProtect HEPA technology captures an impressive 99.97% of ultra-fine particles as small as 0.003 microns (1) NanoProtect HEPA technology not only traps pollutants, but also uses an electrostatic charge to attract them, cleaning up to 2x more air than traditional HEPA H13 filtration, with higher energy efficiency(2).


Removes viruses and aerosols from the air (5)

Virtually nothing escapes VitaShield expect purer, cleaner air. VitaShield tehcnology captures aerosols, germs and particles as small as 0.003 microns, smaller than the smallest know virus. Tested independently by external lab to remove H1N1 virus from the air. Also tested to remove 99.99% of HCov-E229 virus (5).


Energy-efficient design

Achieve cleaner air with minimal energy consumption and save money on your energy bill. Operating at max. 12W, our purifier is 2x more energy-efficient than other leading air purifiers (7). In sleep mode, it consumes just 2W, 30x less energy than a traditional lightbulb.


Ultra-quiet and no light disturbance

Enjoy undisturbed sleep with our innovative purifier. In sleep mode, it operates only at 19 dB (6), quieter than a whisper. Also, the digital display light is dimmed, minimizing any light disturbance. With this setting, the air in your home will be clean always, even at night time.


Thoroughly tested for durability and quality you can trust

When choosing Philips, you choose Philips for a trusted brand with 80+ years of experience in air care and health tech. Our air purifiers undergo 170 strict inspection tests before release and are certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation.


Control your air purifier with the Philips Air+ app

Use our app for extra convenience and control. In the app, you can turn your purifier on and off, adjust speed settings, and monitor your filter status. Additionally, learn more about air purification through our collection of in-app articles and check outdoor air quality data, available to you anytime, anywhere.


Compact size and sleek design

Our purifier's compact size and sleek design make it the perfect complement to any space, effortlessly enhancing both the air comfort and aesthetic of your home. At just 34 cm tall, it is perfect to be placed on a desk or shelf. Enjoy fresh and clean air with a touch of sophistication.


Filter lifetime Indicator

Our purifier alerts you when it's time for a filter replacement, ensuring that you always have optimal performance with minimal effort. Plus, our Philips original filter guarantees optimal performance for up to 12 months, ensuring that your air is clean all year around.


3 manual speeds: medium, turbo, sleep mode

Customize your air purification experience with our purifier's three different speed settings: sleep, medium, and turbo. For efficient air purification when pollution levels are high, simply set your purifier to turbo mode for fastest results.


Max. power consumption : < 12  W

Stand-by power consumption : < 1  W

Voltage : 100-240  V

Recommended filter change : 12 months (8)

Replacement filter : FY0611/30

App, connects via Wi-Fi : Air+

Smartphone compatibility : iPhone and Android devices

Product weight : 2.2  kg

Dimensions of product (LxWxH) : 243x237x341  mm

Dimensions of packaging (LxWxH) : 263x263x375  mm

Weight incl. Packaging : 3.2  kg

Color(s) : White, silk beige

CADR (Particle, GB/T) : 170  m³/h

Room size (NRCC) : Up to 39 m²

Filtration : HEPA, Pre-filter

Particle filtration : 99.97% at 0.003 microns (1)

Allergens filtration : 99.99% (4)

Virus & aerosol filtration : 99% (5)

Cord length : 1.6  m

Sleep mode : Yes

Manual speed settings : 3 (sleep, medium, turbo)

Min. sound level (Sleep mode) : 19 dB (6)

Max. sound level (Turbo mode) : 49 dB (6)


2 Year Worldwide Warranty by Philips

Customer Care Hotline : 1800 880 180

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