Philips Air Purifier and Fan 2 in 1 AMF765/30

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Our smartest 2-in-1 Air Purifier

Air Performer cleans the air thoroughly and cools you when needed. It removes 99.97% of all unseen particles and automatically adapts its powerful performance to your needs. Pure and fresh air all year round, adapted to you.


Thoroughly purifies large rooms up to 70 m2

It distributes powerful clean airflow to every corner of the room at a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 270 m3/h(1), thoroughly purifying rooms up to 70 m2(2) to protect you from bacteria, virus, pollen, dust, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, harmful gases, odors and other pollutants.


Only Philips Air Purifiers have NanoProtect HEPA filtration with active carbon and pre-filter to remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.003 microns(3). NanoProtect HEPA technology not only traps pollutants, but also uses an electrostatic charge to attract them, cleaning up to 2X more air than traditional HEPA H13 filtration, with higher energy efficiency(4).


Cools you down with powerful clean airflow

Cools you with powerful clean airflow that feels natural and pleasant. With adjustable airflow rotation of up to 350 degrees, it will reach everywhere. Thanks to its bladeless design, it does not blow gusts of air, creating a consistent stream of fan airflow up to 1730 m3/h, fully customizable with 10 speeds to suit your comfort needs.


Automatically senses and adapts for best results

World's first Air Purifier to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to automatically clean the air and cool you down when you need it. Philips Self Adaptive technology with AI does not only sense the air quality but also analyzes outdoor data, room size and usage patterns to maximize performance while minimizing noise and energy consumption. (9)


Real-time air quality feedback with smart AeraSense sensors

Smart AeraSense sensors continually scan the air and report in real-time, immediately reacting to any increase in pollution to improve your air quality. Check your purifiers digital display or app to track ultra-fine pollutants (PM2.5), temperature and humidity.


Sleep mode with ultra-quiet operation

In sleep mode, it is quieter than a whisper with only 20 dB(A)(5) of noise level. Its light sensor detects when it is dark, turning the lights off automatically. In auto mode, it keeps noise levels to a minimum as it learns when it needs to perform or when it needs to be quiet.


Energy-efficient design

Thanks to its energy-efficient design, it uses 40 W to purify the air, less than a traditional light bulb. In auto mode, the motor only runs when and for as long as needed, prolonging filter lifetime whilst saving energy.


The Philips Air+ app: your smart, clean air solution

Air+ app provides a smart experience that ensures you breathe clean and healthy air. The app tracks indoor and outdoor air quality in real-time and keeps you in control, at home or away, with a digital remote, a smart scheduler and hands-free via Alexa and Google Home(6)


Fully adjustable airflow for cooling or air circulation

Dual Flow technology lets you adjust the device to suit your comfort needs. Set it up for direct airflow projection to cool you down when you need it, or diffused airflow for optimal air circulation. Fully customizable with 10 speed levels, turbo, sleep and auto modes.


Removes up to 99.99% of viruses from the air(7)

Virtually nothing escapes VitaShield except purer, cleaner air. VitaShield technology captures aerosols, germs and particles as small as 0.003 microns, smaller than the smallest known virus. Tested independently by Airmid health-group to remove viruses from the air. Also tested to remove 99.99% of coronavirus(7).


Thoroughly tested for durability and quality.

When choosing Philips, you choose for a trusted brand with more than 80 years of experience and innovation in air care and health tech. Philips Air Purifiers go through 170 mandatory and strict inspection tests before they are released from our factory. This Air Purifier is certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation.


CADR (Particle, GB/T) : 270 m3/h(1)

Fan airflow : Up to 1730 m3/h

Room size (NRCC) : up to 70 m2(2)

Particle filtration : 99.97% at 0.003 microns(3)

Allergens filtration : 99.97% (8)

Virus & aerosol filtration : 99.99%(7)

Filtration :  Pre-filter , HEPA , Active Carbon

Min. sound level (Sleep mode) : 20 dB(5)

Max. sound level (Turbo mode) : 47 dB(5)

Cord length : 1.8m white

Timer & scheduler : Yes

Child Lock : Yes

Remote Control included : Yes

Oscillation : Up to 350°

Artificial Intelligence (AI) : Self-Adaptive Technolgy

Stand-by power consumption : <20W

Voltage : 220-240V

Remote battery (CR2032) : Yes

Max Fan Power Consumption : 40W

Modes : Auto , Sleep , Turbo

Manual speed settings : 10

Color(s) : Cloud white, light grey

Recommended filter change : 12months(1)

Replacement filter : FYM860


2 Year Worldwide Warranty by Philips

Customer Care Hotline : 1800 880 180

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