Philips AquaTrio Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum 7000 Series XW7110/02

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AquaSpin nozzle allows to vacuum and wash a floor in one go

AquaSpin nozzle vacuums and actively mops hard floors effectively to remove dust, dirt, stains, spills, and up to 99.9% of bacteria*, in one go. The unique nozzle is designed to pick up dirt at both the front and back of the nozzle to make every stroke count.


Two high-speed brushes wet clean the floor hygiencially

The innovative patented high-speed rotation brush technology with a constant flow of clean water enables self-cleaning power brushes and prevents spreading dirt over the floor. So you never need to rinse and wring out a dirty mop to clean with again!


Wash floor always with clean water

A constant flow of clean water from the clean water tank is released onto the floor. This ensures that each part of your floor is cleaned with fresh, clean water. You'll never mop with dirty mopping water, unlike with a traditional manual mop!


Aqua Diffusion System allows to lock in dirty water

All the picked-up wet & dry dirt is immediately separated and locked in the dirty water tank. You can empty tanks at any point, without having to touch the dirty mopping water.


Enhanced cleaning of hard-to-reach areas

Effortlessly clean areas around chairs and table legs for maximum comfort. You can maneuver the device against tricky spots like plinths and room edges where dirt accumulates.


Flexible cordless cleaning for effective performance

Flexible design lets you to vacuum and wash even hard-to-reach areas under furniture. The appliance can go into a fully flat position without raising the nozzle and losing contact with the floor.


3 cleaning modes to adjust to different cleaning needs

The appliance has 3 cleaning modes. Normal wet mode intended for regular wet cleaning. The intense wet mode is for cleaning stubborn stains. Water absorption mode to pick up remaining moisture from the floor. Use the Digital LCD smart screen to switch power settings.


Automated self-cleaning of the appliance and Power Brushes

Once your cleaning session is complete, simply place the appliance on the After-Clean & Storage station for an automated self-cleaning cycle that fully rinses the appliance and the Power Brushes. Once done, you can keep the whole system including the Power Brushes stored together so that it is all clean and ready for the next use.


Digital LCD smart screen guides you with all information you need during and after the clean. Turn to the LCD screen to get live information on battery power status, cleaning modes, maintenance support and much more.


• Battery type : Lithium-ion battery

• Charging time : 4 hours

• Battery voltage : 25.9V

• Runtime : 25 minutes

• Clean water tank capacity : 670 ml

• Dirty water tank capacity : 600 ml

• Usable detergents : Philips floor cleaning solution XV1792/01

• Dirt water tank full indicator : Yes

• Surface coverage per battery : Up to 180m2

• Filter system : Aqua Diffusion system

• Standard nozzles : AquaSpin nozzle

• Accessories included : After-clean & storage station , Cleaning brush

• Color : Charcoal Grey and Champagne

• Weight : 4.6 kg

• Dimensions in set-up  : L26.5 x W22.5 x H110 cm

• Dimensions after-clean & storage station : L34.5 x W32 x H24.3


2 Year Worldwide Warranty by Philips

Customer Care Hotline : 1800 880 180

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