Philips Speed Pro Aqua Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner FC6728/01

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Fast. 3-in-1 with vacuum, mop and handheld

The new SpeedPro Aqua cordless vacuum cleaner provides a fast clean, with powerful reach, even in the toughest spots. It is equipped with the 180° suction nozzle for precise dirt pick-up and a unique vacuum and mop system


Captures up to 98% of dust and dirt in each stroke

180° suction nozzle is designed for precise and powerful pick-up of up to 98% of dust and dirt in each stroke, on all floor types, even in those hard to reach spots.


LEDs in the nozzle reveal hidden dust and dirt

Dust, fluff, hair and crumbs are easy to spot and captured due to the LED lights in the SpeedPro nozzle. LEDs in the nozzle reveal hidden dust and dirt, on the go.


Vacuum, mop and handheld, with up to 99% of bacteria removal

The unique vacuum and mop system helps remove up to 99% of bacteria in one go. Controlled water release maintains optimal wetness for all hard floors throughout the cleaning. The microfiber pads can be washed by hand or in the washing machine.


For multiple dirt types, with AquaBoost for tougher dirt

AquaBoost mode to clean tougher dirt faster.

Up to 50 min of cleaning power, with 21.6V Li-Ion batteries

High performance 21.6V lithium ion batteries provide up to 50 minutes in normal mode and 22 minutes in turbo mode, before you recharge.


Integrated handheld unit, crevice tool and brush

Accessories are simple to use with one click. The detachable handheld unit makes SpeedPro two devices in one. The brush attachment is integrated into the tube so it's always at hand to clean ceilings and shelves.


Fast reach everywhere, even under low furniture

SpeedPro is flexible and easy to maneuver. The dust bucket is on top, which allows for a lower angle and even goes fully flat on the floor to reach under low furniture.


PowerBlade motor is engineered for high air speed

PowerBlade motor is engineered for high air speed, to enable powerful, precise pick-up at nozzle level.


PowerCyclone 7 maintains strong performance for longer

PowerCyclone 7 technology immediately separates dust from air, to maintain strong performance for longer.


Unique dust bucket design empties without dust clouds

The vacuum cleaner's dust bucket is easily removed and emptied hygienically without causing any dust cloud.


Washable filter ensures high air speed for longer*

The filter system captures up to 99% of pollen and mold spores, returning clean air back to the motor ensuring high air speed and longer-lasting performance.



Technical Specifications


• Sustainability

- Packaging: 90% recycled materials


• Usability

- Detergents that can be used: clear detergent or just water

- Clean water tank capacity (max): 0.28 L

- Wheel type: Rubber

- Carrying handle: Top


• Filtration

- Motor filter: Washable filter*

- Dust capacity: 0.4 L


• Weight and dimensions

- Weight of product: 2.1 kg


• Nozzles and accessories

- Additional nozzle: 180° suction nozzle

- Standard nozzle: Vacuum and Mop

- Accessories included : AC power adaptor, Crevice tool, Micro fiber pad, Integrated brush, Wall-mount docking, Water tank


• Design

- Design features:3-in-1

- Color: Denim Blue Metallic


• Performance

- Charging time: 5 hour(s)

- Airflow (max): Up to 800 l/min

- Runtime: 50 minute(s)

- Sound power level: 80 dB

- Battery type: Li-Ion

- Runtime (turbo): 22 minute(s)

- Battery voltage: 21.6 V

- Surface coverage per tank: 60 m2


2 Year Worldwide Warranty by Philips

Customer Care Hotline : 1800 880 180

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