There's no doubt that the woman in your life deserves the best, no matter the occasion. But when it comes time to find the perfect gift for your queen during a special day, it can be quite a headache to find something that's as special as she is.

In case you need some ideas, we prepared this list to find a perfect gift that she's guaranteed to love it. Thankfully, these items can all be easily purchased for under RM100.

Hand Blender

  1. Khind BH600M - RM92.90
  2. Philips HR2531 - RM94.90
  3. Sharps EMB379WH - RM99
  4. Pensonic PB7511 - RM99.90


  1. Trio TFC-105 - RM53.90
  2. Khind FPC900 - RM65
  3. Pensonic PB-6005GX - RM73.90
  4. Trio TFC-355 - RM82.90
  5. Philips HR1393 - RM99

Oven Toaster

  1. Midea MEO-10BDW - RM62


  1. Trio THM-215 - RM39.90
  2. Milux MHM250 - RM49.90
  3. Khind HM300 - RM52.90
  4. Elba EHM-D2520
  5. Panalux PLSM-22 - RM65
  6. Sharp EMH55WH - RM74.90
  7. Philips HR3700 - RM77
  8. Milux MSM-9901 - RM79
  9. Elba ESMB-E3030 - RM99

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