Wedding Gift Ideas: Here are some suggestions to shop

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Shopping for a wedding gift can be a nerve-racking task. Coming up with the perfect gift isn't always easy. To help you in searching for a perfect gift, we prepared a simple list of different products for you, which you can take as part of your shopping guideline. Don't worry, everything is under RM50.

Jug Kettle 1.7L

A perfect gift for the couple who enjoys sitting down and enjoying a pot of tea together.

  1. Milux MJK-170 - RM29
  2. Pentec JK-608 - RM29
  3. Pentec JK-609 - RM34.90
  4. Khind EK5813 - RM39
  5. Morgan MJK-1017L -RM39.90


A traditional wedding gift to people who are setting up their new homes.

  1. Meck MTB-200D - RM32.90
  2. Elba ET-G2770 - RM41.90
  3. Khind BT808 - RM43.90
  4. Faber FT26 - RM46.90
  5. Pensonic PT-929 -RM46.90
  6. Khind ST-810 - RM49.90

Sandwich Maker

A kitchen appliance that is a must in a kitchen and comes in handy at any point of the day.

  1. Panalux PSM-304 - RM43.90
  2. Morgan MSM-SC140NS - RM45.90
  3. Isonic ISM-258 - RM45.90
  4. Panalux PSM-305 - RM49.90

Rice Cooker

Essential appliances in many households, it is convenient for the married couple.

  1. Midea MG-GP06B - RM49.90
  2. Pentec TAC-501 - RM49.90

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